Train Hard, Train Often

Five Reasons Teens/Youths Should Take Combat Hapkido

Adapted with the permission of Sensei Russell Burke from the Burke's Karate Academy, Tallahassee, Florida

Teens and youths should engage in sports to improve their overall physical and mental health. But for my money, teens and youths should train in Combat Hapkido and here are the reasons why:

1. Physical Benefits. Children who take Combat Hapkido follow a healthy lifestyle by staying active, something that most parents know is hard to do in the age of video games and facebook! Staying active burns calories, increases good cholesterol, decreases bad cholesterol, increases flexibility, increases hand-eye coordination, improves fitness, maintains healthy joints and strengthens the heart, all while learning how to defend yourself! A good Combat Hapkido training program should be fun and educational while aimed at increasing a youngster’s self confidence, which can, in turn, manifest itself in many positive ways.

2. Self Esteem. Self-esteem gradually builds because Combat Hapkido students initially have short-term goals: learning how to stand or how to kick a pad and new Hapkido techniques. These goals are realized after a few short months and the Combat Hapkido student is rewarded with a new belt. The student realizes that the effort and work put forth in the Combat Hapkido class pays off with a reward for their hard work, in this case, a new belt color. After achieving their new coloured belt level the whole process repeats itself each time on their journey to the coveted black belt and along the way, self-esteem and self-confidence grows along with the youngster.

3. What Bully? Bullying is a well documented and growing problem in schools these days with no signs of slowing down or being eliminated. Combat Hapkido training can give much needed tools to the teen or youth on how to better deal with bullies and bullying situations. Combat Hapkido and martial arts, in general, teaches the young student to stand up for themselves and for others if there is a bullying situation.

     It is with confidence, not violence, that youngsters learn how to      recognize and deal with their bullying problem.

4. What is a Stranger? Every parent’s worst nightmare is the brief loss of their son or daughter, even if it's for a short while like in a crowded mall or during a family outing to a park. Most of the time the youngster turns up in minutes and is just fine. But what if the worst case scenario had presented itself? Can a youngster physically defend themselves against an adult? Probably not; at least not on strength alone. But with Combat Hapkido training a youngster can learn to recognize dangerous situations and deal with them with confidence and a bit of Hapkido technique.

5. Mental Health. Apart from self-esteem, there is an old saying in the martial arts, “martial arts is 25% physical and 75% mental.” Truer words were never spoken. The ability for a Combat Hapkido student to learn how to deal with physical stress in a controlled manner elevates their mental health simply because the student develops the ever important “can do” attitude. The Combat Hapkido student's “can do” attitude is also a cornerstone to the development of leaders and a strength of character where the student does not see a limit to what they can accomplish.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you're still not convinced, bring your teen in to try a class. I am confident you and they will like the training and the experience.