What people are saying about us

A Nova Scotia Government employee

Good day HR,

Thanks for allowing my last minute entry into the course on the 7th. I wasn't planning on attending but am surely glad I did.

A few years ago, the Bedford inspectors were offered self-defense (may have been required at the time, not sure) at their office. I was one of the participants. However, the training provided was certainly not at the level provided by Mike Fournier. His course and instruction provided a lot of value and was everything that you'd like to get in a course. He was extremely well prepared, kept everyone fully engaged, which is hard to do with a group. No one clock watched or whined about standing for 3 hours to 4 plus hours at a time (as you may recall there were no chairs or tables in the room except the registration table). Everyone was intent on learning as much as they could. It was especially good that his session built on slight changes to repetitive techniques intent on forming a memory response to a threatening situation. The course left me and I dare say all the inspectors who attended wanting more a yearly refresher.

I thought it was really worthwhile and should be compulsory for all inspectors working in the field to take.


Xavier's Grandfather

Hello Mike,

My Grandson has lots more self confidence since joining Combat Hapkido, he has seen the skill of defending himself against a larger person where he is smaller than the average person. He likes training with adults, one reason is when he needs to defend himself against a teen the same size or larger he can apply the technique with ease. Mike is very knowledgeable in the art of Combat Hapkido


Jordan's Mom

Hello Mike,

I really have to place comments on how we have seen so many positive changes in our son Jordan since he has started the marital art program of Hapkido. He suffered so much with the harassment of being bullied in school, and with the low self esteem and no confidence he had, changed to such a positive independent, outgoing, and confident young boy.

He really enjoys Hapkido very much and has the highest respect for you. By how you have changed his life style and attitude to such a good positive role is something we shall never forget.

Jordan suffered for years at the hands of bullying and harassment. But since he has been learning this form of martial arts he has a lot of confidence and is such a happier child. Jordan has learned so very much in positive self esteem and confidence. The care and concern given is just so great. We are truly pleased to have found such a great program of Martial arts, and at Jordan's progress in his new positive outlook and the love and enjoyment he gets from Hapkido is something we certainly are so grateful for.

We certainly would recommend this program for anyone who is seeking a Martial Art that gives so much more to the children and also the adults. It does more than teach one Maritial arts. It teaches a whole lot more. And to see our child come from the sad, low confidence, no self esteem he once had, to the happier more motivated, more independent, young boy he now is. Making his every day at school, much more pleasant. The teachers are just so pleased to see the confidence and positive self esteem he has developed through the Hapkido program. And we owe this all to you, who care and constantly give the knowledge etc... that children like our son so desperately need. Through the Hapkido program.


Evan's Mom

Hello Mike,

When I found Hapkido, I was looking for something to help my son with his self esteem, physical activity and focus. I checked into this a little more. I am very pleased! The instructors are very passionate about their work! They really stress NO bullying and show the kids how to avoid confrontations. They stress getting help from teachers, police officers, etc. first but sometimes a child may really have to protect themselves and everyone has the right to protect themselves! But again these kids are taught not to use excessive force. Respect!

Hapkido is not about fancy kicks and jumps. It is about real life! Real people! In real situations! Each child is treated as an individual and progress at their own pace. The child's personal and social issues are discussed and positive guidance is offered. The physical activity is such that it allowed my son to channel all that energy into helping himself and his self esteem. It has allowed him to learn about himself. Everyone needs this!

Hapkido does not have tournaments and contests. It does have belts you can earn, if you choose. I can tell you my son was so proud of his first belt! He really felt he had accomplished something! His energy is a great part of him and for so long he has had only negative feedback with it!

Hapkido has helped to give my son confidence in that he is good, all of him including his energy, focus and self esteem through hard work in himself. There is no better gift!

Thank you.