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Master Mike Fournier demonstrating a defensive technique against two attackers, each with a knife, taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2002. Property of East Coast Combat Hapkido and Fournier Combat Hapkido.

Fighting to defend oneself is not always the best solution, but sometimes it’s the ONLY solution.1

When we think of the type of trouble our teenaged children might face on a daily basis bullying might be at the top of the list. Although it is true that bullying is a problem that affects everyone, drawing full attention of the school boards, law enformcement and government, we tend to forget the other ways teens can be harmed. The fact of the matter is they can and do fall victim to other violent personal crimes like swarming, robberies, common assaults, and sexual assaults.

What Makes a Victim?

There are as many studies that define the characteristics of a bully victim as there are for victims of violent crimes. Although these are different types of crimes and that there are some differences that contribute to bully and crime victim characteristics, there is one common denominator: they are victims because the are easy targets, meaning the bully/criminal is confident the victim won't fight back.

Many experts, along with government, are working to mitigate bullying through peer mediation, intervention and conflict resolution programs. Many situations are successfully resolved but many others are not. In the end bullying, like violent crime, will always be around.

Is There a Solution? YES!

When the laws and government sponsored programs fall well short of doing what they were designed to do - protect victims and punish the assailant - people are left feeling vulnerable to more violence. This feeling of helplessness can be paralyzing. Take control. Relying on someone else to solve your problem is not the solution because they won't be around when you are facing the bully or assailant on your own.

Training in Chon-Tu Kwan Hapkido will not only teach you exceptional defensive skills and techniques it will also assist in personal growth by developing your confidence and a can-do attitude. Hapkido is NOT a sport so there are no medals or trophies to compete for. At the East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy you train and advance at your own pace but we do ensure that each training session incorporates defensive tactics against actual street scenarios.


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1. Master Mike Fournier CD, East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy. Owner, Security Specialist and Chief Instructor, July 2013.