MuD0 - The Way of the Martial Arts

Essence of the Martial Arts According to the KidoHae

The Martial arts, as a discipline to practice and understand, has been said to be deeper than the deepest ocean and higher than the highest mountain. The path of discovery for the martial artist/Hapkidoist can be a difficult one and few may appreciate its essence - the spirit of the Way of the martial arts that is also referred to as the "Sword of Life."

The Way of the Sword of Life is complex and, according to its use, can be beneficial if used for good, or injurious if used in a bad way. Martial artists/Hapkidoists must be compassionate toward others since the essence of the Sword of Life is in the love and respect of all things and to use their martial art for good.

Having said that, it is always wiser to avoid using the sword, if possible, by trying to:
     · think deeply before speaking
     · learn to listen to others
     · respect the character of others
     · continue to focus on spiritual attainment and martial arts training

Once the body becomes comfortable, the mind becomes idle. So, work to push your body through rigorous training and always strive for advancement. The martial artist/Hapkidoist must also walk in a good way, to avoid the bad and stay close to the good.

There are many moral faults that challenge us in the modern world and the martial artist/Hapkidoist must try to avoid them and try to achieve a clear mind. Martial arts training will help to develop:
     · patience
     · perserverance
     · self-introspection
     · a gentle appearance while having a warrior's spirit
     · to contribute to society, and
     · cultivate virtue

The Way

The essence/Way of martial arts (Mu Sool) is what Hapkidoists and martial artists work to attain. Martial arts are not practiced just for skill enhancement. It is believed that if practiced correctly, martial arts can save lives. In days of yore, martial artists were the protectors of the nation and keepers of the peace - this was hwarin gum, the sword of life. Conversely, salin gum or sword of death was a path martial artists strove to avoid. Nevertheless, only a fine line separated the two and martial artists realized this.

Our Hapkidoists should strive to follow the Way of the Martial Arts - Mu Do.