Realistic Self-Defence

Self-Defence for Men and Women

Most adults don't often imagine or see themselves as ever being the victims of an assault and, given the general statistics, it would be hard to argue their point. So, it isn't unusual to find that most adults believe assaults and other crimes happen in certain neighbourhoods or between the less privileged or fortunate elements of the population and that these misfortunes will never cross their paths or come into their middle and upper class neighbourhoods.

Because of this perception, learning self-defence or a martial art, for that matter, is not something many adult men and women think they should take up or think they can take up.

You Don't Live in a Cocoon

As it happens, you have to leave the house/home to go to work, to go to school, to do errands and to go on vacations. Hence, regardless of who you are, what age you might be or what level of fitness you may be at you can/could easily fall victim to an assault anywhere, any time. It doesn't really matter what motivated the assault/crime. Criminologists state that in victimology there are many factors that trigger an assault, one of which is the relationship between the victim and the offender.

Imagine you're a father and husband and you're at the beach with your family at a resort or the local beach. You're coming out of the water and heading back to your spot when another beach goer bumps into you. You apologize but this guy (who likely bumped into you on purpose to distract you ) won't let you leave and assaults you. You both end up wrestling in the sand.

Maybe you're a manager out with some co-workers at the end of a work day, celebrating finalizing a deal, and a couple of young unruly patrons sitting next to your table start an altercation; the intensity starts to pick up. You want no part of that so you all leave but, they follow you outside and start a fight.

What About Travels Abroad?

There are too many stories of vacationers falling victim to crimes. Some are robbed, some are severely beaten during a robbery, some are sexually assaulted while other vacationers end up in comas or worse. People, however, continue to book vacation packages to places where vacationers are the most victimized on the basis that they'll never be victim.

Why are vacationers victimized? Mostly because they are strangers in a strange land and, given the less than professional local police, the criminal is almost certain to not get arrested. Criminals in these vacation resorts look for opportunities and can exploit the victim in several ways to get what they want.

Maybe, it's a small group of local boys who only want to fight with a foreigner or someone who wants to sexually assault a female vacationer. Since the victims are almost always observed prior to an attack, this is where a person's situational awareness should be exercised to observe odd behaviour and to avoid being suddenly attacked.

Train at The East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy

Whether you're on home soil or travelling abroad on business or holiday you are stepping into the unknown. No one expects you to stop having fun or enjoying your life but training in the proven close quarters of Combat Hapkido will prepare you for any situation.

If you never have to use your skills in self-defence then you will be all the better for it. However, should you ever have to use it, even only once in your entire life, you will be happy you trained in Combat Hapkido.

Still Not Sure if Combat Hapkido is For You?

If you want to see if Combat Hapkido is right for you, you are welcome to try a class or two or call/email Master Mike. Meanwhile, click on this video link to go to the East Coast Combat Hapkido YouTube Channel. Here, you'll see a selection of short instructional self-defence videos.