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Five Reasons Adults Should Take Combat Hapkido

Adapted with the permission of Sensei Russell Burke from the Burke's Karate Academy, Tallahassee, Florida

I was at a networking function when the conversation turned to the martial arts and Combat Hapkido. A man in the small group asked me how he, as an adult, could benefit from taking martial arts. Thinking on it for a moment, I considered the question should have been, "How could I NOT benefit from taking Combat Hapkido?"

While the obvious answer, “To learn how to defend yourself” is always a tempting response, there are many benefits to training in Combat Hapkido besides learning self-defence. Some of these benefits/reasons may be obvious, some maybe not so much, but I offer them up as five reasons an adult should take up Combat Hapkido:
1. Stress Relief. We all experience stress in our day to day lives. Getting rid of bad stress in our body through a Combat Hapkido program is an excellent way to stay healthy and improve your fitness, not only physically, but also mentally! A martial arts program can take a lot of that negative energy out of your body and get rid of it. This is especially beneficial for folks with PTSD. Just as a massage relaxes the body, Combat Hapkido relaxes your brain!

2. All Ability Levels. In most sports, any given team might have a "superstar." Or that one player who always seems to have the ball/puck. What about the other members of the team? What if you ride the bench because you are not good enough? In Combat Hapkido, it doesn’t matter if you've never taken a martial arts class before, or ever played a sport at all. Everyone who trains in a martial arts program benefits the same way. There is a saying that even the greatest martial artists started off as white belts. Think about it! Every one of the millions of martial artists around the world had a first day when they started training, when they first learned how to punch and how to kick just like you.

3. No One Left Behind. In Combat Hapkido, students of all ability levels are training at the same time, so everyone is getting the benefit of the workout and simultaneously increasing their skill level. And while ability levels are different from one person to the next, EVERYONE has a technique that they are good at. And while some individuals are more naturally talented physically than others, no one is great at everything. But you CAN be really good at a lot of things!

4. Health Benefits. You might naturally assume that martial arts training is good for your health. But do you know why? Martial arts increases your flexibility, balance, hand-eye coordination and your natural strength without pumping weights. It's great for adults as much as it is for kids fitness. Building strength without weights means you decrease the risk of injury. Combat Hapkido uses principles of isometrics and a bit of plyometrics to increase natural strength and power. The long term health benefits of a Combat Hapkido program is immeasurable. It isn't uncommon to see Combat Hapkido students training well into their 70’s or even their 80’s! At the moment, our oldest student is 79 years old and several others are around 65 years old and older.

5. Fun, fun, fun. Look, Combat Hapkido training is just a lot of fun. All of the benefits you enjoy from Combat Hapkido you do so from engaging in activities in the school. As everyone knows, the more you enjoy doing something, the more likely you are to stick with it. Why do you think so many people fall off the diet wagon? Because eating healthy just isn’t fun! If eating healthy were fun, a lot of people would be so much thinner! Fortunately, we can counter the “FUN” eating with a safe and healthy Combat Hapkido workout. Combat Hapkido training can help you maintain your weight and if you are one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to worry about weight, then you can come and punch and kick your way to a healthier lifestyle just for the fun of it!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you're still not convinced, come in and try a class. I am confident you will like the training and the experience.