About Senior Master Mike Fournier CD

Soldier, peacekeeper, teacher, community volunteer

Senior Master Mike Fournier, born in Ottawa, Ontario, is a Métis Algonquin of the Kitcisakik Anicinape (Anishnabe) First Nation in Grand Lac Victoria, Québec, and a 6th Dan in Combat Hapkido. He is the senior ranking Combat Hapkido Master in Canada and the National Director for the International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF). He is also a three-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, the first Métis Status Algonquin to have achieved this honour.

Master Mike retired twice from the Army; first in 1997 after 25 years of service, then he re-enlisted in 2007 to serve in Afghanistan and retired one last time in 2013.

As a youngster, Master Mike was small for his age and an easy target for bullies. His father, a street fighter in his youth, taught him how to fight, following the Lebreton Flat's street fighter's code - Hit First, Hit Hard and Ask Questions Later! To also fight for what is right, defend the weak and to never abuse his fighting skills.

Combative Arts

Master Mike has been involved in organized combative arts since 1969; first as an undefeated high school wrestler; later as a Uechi Ryu Karateka; then a Combat Hapkidoist, since 1996, under the guidance of his Hapkido master, GM Pellegrini.

Master Mike also had the opportunity to occasionally train with commandos, during their morning PT, when he was a member of the Canadian Special Service Force (SSF - direct lineage from the Devil's Brigade) in the early 1980s. Later, while at the Army Tactics School in Gagetown, he received his national certification as a Level 2 wrestling coach and went on to co-coach the Oromocto High School wrestling team to a 1993 NBIAA Championship that included pioneer female wrestlers he coached to gold and silver medals.


Master Mike's military experience is extensive, having served on ships, in two Brigade Groups, and as a Peacekeeper in Cyprus. Fast forward to 1987. After attending a year-long Polish language and Attaché course, Master Mike was sent to work out of the Canadian embassy in former Warsaw Pact member country of Poland where he carried out many assigned collection taskings. He served there until his return to Canada after the Wall came down in late 1989.

In November of 1991, Master Mike, after a gruelling 18-days with the famed British 22 SAS, certified as an Army Combat Survival Instructor (course 053). The training was both focused and physically challenging, due in part to the infamous 22 SAS instructors and the harsh November Welsh weather conditions and rugged countryside.

Master Mike returned to active military service in 2007 and deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. During the pre-deployment training, under the unit Commander's authority, he developed and delivered a formalized Hapkido-based hand-to-hand combat fighting program to the Afghanistan-bound soldiers of his troop - something that was never done before and not done since.


In 1996, Master Mike met Master Eric Rushton; he started training in Combat Hapkido and soon earned his Combat Hapkido Black Belt, the second Chon-Tu Kwon (Combat) Hapkido Black Belt in Canada. Master Mike and Master Eric went on to operate one of the most successful martial arts programs on the East Coast.

Master Mike carried out security contract work for federal and provincial departments, and the City of Halifax, in the fields of Workplace Violence Prevention, Harassment and Racism Prevention, as well as Security Audits and Training. He taught Criminal Law/Justice at a local college where he also developed and delivered a 120-hour Close Quarters Police Defensive Tactics (CQPDT) course package to the Correctional and Policing Foundation Program students.

In 2003, he certified as an International Police Defensive Tactics Institute (IPDTI) instructor and certified all his CPF Program students. Many of his students have gone on to become police officers in the military, federal and municipal police services as well as in the federal and provincial correctional services.

Master Mike has been inducted into:

  1. The 2005 World Head of Family Sokeship Council International Martial Arts Hall of Fame under the Instructor Category, and
  2. The 2018 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors under the Outstanding Dedication in the Martial Arts.
  3. The 2018 International Combat Hapkido Federation Hall of Fame as Master of the Year - International.
  4. The 2018 International Combat Hapkido Federation "Who's Who in Combat Hapkido."

His re-assignment to Halifax in 2012 brought him back to his Hapkido roots and he immediately re-invigorated the Combat Hapkido Academy with a renewed energy. In the process, he has re-established the school as a premier martial arts facility, attracting many to take up Hapkido and self-defence. In 2013 he retired for a second and final time from the military and continues to teach Combat Hapkido in Canada's largest and first Combat Hapkido School (Charter 120296), established in 1996.

If you are a person who is concerned for their safety and the safety of their loved one(s) then you are encouraged to come and try a class or two. If the only thing that is stopping you is the doubt that you can do this type of martial art then, please, push that thought right out of your mind. You will train at your own pace and you will, from the very first class, learn effective and simple techiques that will just hook you into continuing your training with us.

The fact that there are no tournaments to compete in makes the whole training experience all the more engaging. Quite simply, you train at your own pace.

Master Mike looks forward to meet and train any person who wants to learn how to effectively defend themselves in any situation whether at home or overseas. Contact him and ask about corporate and executive training workshops.