Combat Hapkido Instructor

Image 11 December 2018, Copyright East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy.

Brice Guerin

Brice Guerin is a 1st Dan in Combat Hapkido. Brice was born and raised in France where, in his early teens, he started his martial arts journey. Bullied and pushed around at school, he took up Judo classes but that only lasted 1 year; he didn’t feel he was suited for this martial art. Feeling a need to continue his study in the martial arts, he soon joined a Shotokan Karate school in the suburbs of Paris where he continued his training until moving to Halifax in 1989 as a 1st Dan Shotokan karate Black Belt.

Once in Halifax, Brice continued his training in Shotokan Karate. While pursuing a Commerce Degree, majoring in Marketing and Human Resources, Brice helped to create a Karate school at SMU. Not long after, the school was moved to the old Barrington Street YWCA. In 1992, the opening of the first francophone school in Dartmouth presented Brice with an opportunity to teach Karate after classes. His was the first French-speaking karate school in Nova Scotia.

In 1997, a burgeoning career prompted Brice to retire from martial arts for approximately 15 years.

In 2015, Brice decided to return to the martial arts; this time, with his two sons. He decided to pursue the study of Combat Hapkido. When asked why he chose Combat Hapkido, he explains it is more practical and has more appeal to him at this stage of this life and is a martial art that is truly geared to deal with real street situations. He particularly enjoys studying the various concepts and principles that make a techniques more effective.

Brice is excited to continue teaching the martial arts and to teach Combat Hapkido to students who are looking for an effective and devastating system of self-defence for any situation.